Anonymous said: stories about jelena being best friend before falling in love thank you so much PS love your blog xx

Check out this tag! And thank you sweetie!

Anonymous said: Yes please update the racy one shots

Working on it!

Anonymous said: I think that ideas a really good one and I agree with the other poster who says you should keep the low medium high ratings as well if that's okay, love you guys

Okay, I will keep them and put it in another order. I just thought since we did that with our other lists as well and since a lot of people always ask for specific ones that it might be a bit more helpful. :)

selenasboss said: yeah that'd be nice. but don't remove the low, high, medium thingys :)

Okay, I guess I could add them too if you find it helpful :)

Updating the racy oneshots list

I was kinda thinking about changing it up a bit. What do y’all think about me putting them in a different order, not by writer and rating, but by what it actually is about, like first time oneshots, them being caught by someone, etc.? A quick answer wether you like it or not would be great. If you just want me to update it, I will do that.

Anonymous said: I think that anon is talking about worldsbestjelenafanfictions and its called Broken

Thank you just posed a link yesterday! :)))

Anonymous said: We're Selena has to convince Justin to go on a double date with Taylor and cam by teasing him?

If you mean the one with a Taylor Swift/Taylor Lautner double date you probably mean


Anonymous said: Your anon means the story by greatesjelenafanfictions either broken or losing me. They are sequels lol

Thank you. (No, I still haven’t had the time to read all her stuff so yeah .. :D)

Anonymous said: Heyyy :) are there any new fanfic series? x

Hey there! Yes, there are a few you could check out:

Happy reading!

Anonymous said: Any that include the stars dance tour?

You could read:

Hope you enjoy xo

Anonymous said: Can you give me a link to story where Justins wife dies and then he meets Selena

You probably mean Without You. It was written by outofbieburstories but I think she deleted it and only kept her oneshots.

jelenaforforeverr said: Hey, do u know the one shot where Alfredo and Ryan were hanging out with Justin. They were looking through porn on his computer then he found Justin's sex tape

It could be Better Than Revenge by jelenahotness. Here's the link to part one!

Anonymous said: Can you giving me the jelena fanfics links of wattpad ?

Here are all I recommended in the past.

Anonymous said: The Story that the one anon is searching for is like that selena and justin are together and then they have to go to other colleges and selena Visited hin and saw justin Holding Hands with Another girl so that's when she started Cutting herself and then justin goes to her College and so on and on I don't know the Name either but i Hope this may helped you a Little Bit ❤️

Hm, it doesn’t ring a bell but maybe I’ll stumble across it or someone else knows this one. It could definitely be helpful so thank you either way!

Anonymous said: Any recent one shots? x

Not since the ones I posted yesterday :(