Anonymous said: Can u guys please send me to the link of a story I forgot eh name but selena is a professional dance but she moved back to ATL from Ireland and she started dancing with him and the bieber crew and she has a twin brother Please help me find it I was reading it but I accidentally list itπŸ˜”πŸ˜˜

I haven’t read this one so I am not 100% sure but it’s probably Dancing Hearts by worldsbestjelenafanfictions. It is completed :)

Anonymous said: Plez post allof jelenaparadise stories PLEZ

She has a page for all her stories which you can find here.

Anonymous said: Ok so I found a Fanfiction on this account once that was about a woman who like captured Selena and Justin separately when they were kids and then found them again when they were famous and together and like made them do bad things. Could you please help me by linking this story for me? Thanks love

I think you are talking about Hidden Scars. It was written by gottafight, rebelwithhalo and me-and-you-just-us-two-xoxo. Hope this is the right one xo


ashguin: The happiest I’ve seen him in a while.. #goodcompany #heloveshisfriends #happy20thbabe πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸ™Š

anewfoundgrace13 said: Can you check out tswizzleswag fanfic named Unfortunate love it's a new story. & if any others would like to check it out as well that would be cool! Basically this story will be about how a student falls for her principal but she knows it’s wrong. He has had a thing for her for a while now and tries to not be so noticeable but the way he acts it’s obvious he likes her.

Sure, I will check it out! :))

Anonymous said: Hey beautiful :)

Hello sweetie <3

Anonymous said: Is there a story where selena is married to justin and she dies? And he has a hard time coping with it

Hi there, I haven’t read one with this exact storyline. I only know one where Justin dies and where Justins wife dies and then he meets Selena. :/

Anonymous said: Know any stories where justin is either a criminal or bad boy? :))

Check our out tag!

Anonymous said: I love ur acc first of all I has got me through thick and thin and I'm ur biggest fan: Panashe. Anyways the story rrequested bout Justin being a father f two and his wife is dead and meets Selena but she has a son and Jeremy is still jus's dad but he directs movies... Its called the fame and the money and the girls by omgitsjelena. Sorry if it was not the one you wanted but it has a similar plot. Luv u Vanessa and Libby.

Aw, this is so sweet. We are so glad that this blog has helped you. Always remember, if you ever need anything, we are both here for you!

Thank you for telling me, I will definitely add it to our lists!

We love you too <33

strz-dance said: Ahh, thank you so much. I really appreciate every bit of it and I hadn't seen the number of notes yet but now that I do omg!! Thanks again!

No problem. Don’t doubt yourself, a lot of people seem to like your writing! :)


September 13: Justin and Selena at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

Anonymous said: I was wondering if there's any stories where selena to justin gets really jealousre. ( if there's a lot like this, just tell me your favourite ones)

Just check out this tag for jeaousy stories! <3

Anonymous said: Can u give me a link to 50 shades of grey jelena version

Here honey:


Anonymous said: hey! do u have a link to what you believe to be the custest one shot you've ever read? ty!

Hi honey, this is actually a really horrible question because I have read too many one-shots to actually answer this truthfully. I will just say that I have always loved backintomyarms one-shots and since I also love young jelena, getting back together and this moment where they just admit their feelings to each other, A Leap Of Faith - Part one, two, came into my mind first. But it’s not fair to say this, I have a favorite one-shot by pretty much every writer and I love them all for different reasons and most of them are just so cute that it makes me jump with joy. So I am not sure. There are a hell lot of talented, awesome writers on here. (also check out our favorites here)

omgitsjelena said: Hey do you know lefttofugureitout's new URL cuzz I really wanna read collared tux but the links not working😩

Hi there, I honestly ask myself the same question. Only the first chapter of My Wild Girl is up but I haven’t figured out what happened with her blog yet. That’s why the links don’t work :/